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University of Regina - Actuarial Colleges and Universities School Program Directory - Actuary.com

University of Regina

Contact Name
Connie Renwick

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is an active and diverse unit. The Department's academic programs lead to BSc, BSc Honours, MSc, and PhD degrees in a wide range of areas. The four main undergraduate programs are: Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. A combined program in Computer Science and Mathematics is also an option, and there is a five-year double degree (BSc/BEd) program in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Internship and cooperative work-study programs, as well as opportunities for summer research work, provide undergraduates with a chance to gain professional experience while studying.

# of VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) Topics Supported by Classes
# of Society of Actuaries Exams Supported by Classes
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