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University of Florida - Actuarial Colleges and Universities School Program Directory - Actuary.com

University of Florida

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John Seppala

In almost every endeavor of human activity, the scientific method has proven effective for solving problems and improving performance. This approach involves the collection of information or data pertinent to the particular problem or concern. Statisticians play several important roles in these scientific studies.

First, they plan the studies to ensure that the data are collected efficiently and answer the questions relevant to the investigation.

Second, they analyze the data to discover what conclusions can be reached from the study and what issues need further investigation.

In industry, statisticians design and analyze experiments to improve the safety, reliability and performance of products of all types, ranging from ballpoint pens to home appliances to automobiles. Other industrial settings include the food industry where statistics is used to design tastier, more attractive and more nutritious products. Statisticians are also directly involved with quality control issues in manufacturing to ensure consistent product dependability.

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