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Spring Arbor University - Actuarial Colleges and Universities School Program Directory - Actuary.com

Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor
Contact Name
Garnet Hauger

The mathematics program at Spring Arbor University stresses two major strands in mathematics—pure/classical mathematics and applied mathematics. It is our belief that each complements the other, that the techniques of applied mathematics are based on the concepts and results of pure/classical mathematics, and that applications of mathematics often serve as an appropriate pedagogical segue into a study of pure/classical mathematics.
The course offerings of the department have traditional pure/classical offerings like abstract algebra, linear algebra, real analysis and vector calculus. Within each of these courses, significant applications of concepts and results are considered.
The department also offers courses more appropriately considered applied mathematics, such as differential equations, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, and mathematical modeling. Each of the topics studied in these courses is based firmly on theoretical aspects of pure/classical mathematics.
The faculty members in the mathematics department work closely with faculty from computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, health and exercise science, business and education to provide mathematical experiences that serve their students.

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