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PAK Study Manual - Actuarial Exam Preparation Course and Seminar Directory - Actuary.com

PAK Study Manual

United States

Our mission is to provide useful resources for actuaries to pass the actuarial exams.

About the Instructors & Authors
Garry Capko
Garry was responsible for developing and teaching actuarial modeling courses while leading the internal training function of the global actuarial modeling team at a large insurance company. His primary focus was creating an online training library but he also gave live classes to modeling teams in the United States, Ireland, UK, France, Greece, Poland, China, Australia, and Argentina. His unique training style has allowed him to teach seasoned actuaries as well as new hires. Before working in global modeling, Garry worked in financial reporting and ALM. There, he completed his SOA exams in under 3 years. Garry lives in Argentina. When not teaching actuarial courses, he trades commodity futures.
Exam Focus: PAK Online Seminar for LP and LRM exam
Email Address: garrycapko@pakstudymanual.com

Eddy worked in financial reporting, modeling, asset liability management, and hedging areas in several insurance companies before. He launched his exam products since 2008 and had helped hundreds of actuaries to pass the FSA exams in their first attempt.
Exam Focus: PAK Study Manual for ERM, CFE, and SDM exams
Email Address: eddy.chan@pakstudymanual.com

Bell F. Ouelega FSA, CERA, MAAA, CQF
Bell started his postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom where he graduated in Actuarial science, and Finance. After which he came over to the USA and worked as an Economic Consultant at the World Bank while attending classes. Bell graduated from George Washington University with a Master Degree in statistics in 2005. Bell started his actuarial career 7 years ago working in financial reporting, modeling, risk management and quantitative research. Bell recently completed the Certificate of Quantitative Finance (CQF) program, where his last projects where on (i) Implementing the Health Jarrow and Merton (HJM) interest rate model by Monte Carlo Simulation and (ii) Pricing a basket of CDS by Copula Methods. Bell’s extra curriculum activities include playing soccer and watching/reading about history and global affairs.
Exam Focus: PAK Study Manual and related study aids for QFIC, QFIA, and IRM exams.
Email Address: bell.ouelega@pakstudymanual.com

Paul Peterson FSA, CERA
Paul is a graduate from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Mathematics. After two years in the Health Insurance industry, he now works Ameriprise Financial focusing on life, long-term care, disability insurance valuation and reporting. Having enjoyed the readings during his exams, he wants to help students see how interesting the material can actually be. He currently lives in a suburb of Minneapolis with his wife Andrea and enjoys fostering rescue dogs.
Exam Focus: PAK Online Seminar for ERM, CFE and SDM exams
Email Address: paulpeterson@pakstudymanual.com

Manyu Wong FSA, CERA
Manyu graduated from McGill University with a BComm in Mathematics. Her experience spans reserving, financial reporting, and pricing across Canada, Europe and Asia. She is interested in breaking down study material into understandable and structured blocks to help students speed up their knowledge absorption process during their study.
Exam Focus: PAK Online Seminar for LFV Canada exam.
Email Address: manyuwong@pakstudymanual.com

Francis Yung FSA, FMLI
Francis graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA degree in Economics and Statistics. His working experience includes Accounting, Traditional Life Valuation, Annuity Valuation and Finance, and VUL Pricing. His reason for volunteering in manual-writing is to help students understand the materials with ease and pass the exams.
Exam Focus: PAK Study Manual and related study aids for LP, LFV, and LRM exam.
Email Address: francisyung@pakstudymanual.com
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